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abstract realities

Abstract realities


Whether you came to this website looking for creativity, augmented reality, data-driven experimentation, innovative communication or just by curiosity, we dare say you’re in the right place.

We create interactive transmedia, we use new technologies through different channels to help tell your brand’s story.

We’re actively collaborating with our clients to create memorable cutting-edge experiences. You can find some of our published projects here. Our established experimental platform hatches some of our most ambitious projects. Stay tuned for those!

Creativity is the foundation of our activity. Individually, each one of our paths has had a great share of it, in different forms. Collectively, we put all that passion together to create experiences that go beyond the technique: engaging, creative experiences.
Digital communication
With more than five years together as Transmii and more than fifteen years personal experience in digital communication, our team is proud to collaborate with artists, foundations, individuals and companies wanting to improve their digital strategy.
Innovation development
We are constantly searching for exciting, better ways to engage people digitally. That’s why we have created an innovation hub where we have fun exploring the latest technology.


What do you do, specifically?

Our team combines several skills, that go from graphic design, illustration and photography, to programming, to engineering. The synergy between us is devoted to conceiving 360-degree campaigns with a digital approach, performing web-based solutions, stand-alone apps, interactive installations or experimentation in new technologies. Creativity is our core, and we make sure each one of our projects is unique.

Is augmented reality all you do?

Even if we might be known for our vast experience in augmented reality since 2013 -yes, it already existed back then!-, we explore and experiment with all new technologies in order to always be able to propose the best solution for each project we commit to.

How big is your team?

As big as the project needs it to be! We are three permanent team members, who will be there to accompany you throughout the entire project, making sure everything is as you expect it to be. When you work with Transmii, you deal with us directly – no account manager, no secretary. We choose our seasonal collaborators from our talented professional network depending on each project’s needs.

We’d love to hear from you

If you’d like us to collaborate, please do send us a message, we’d love to hear from you! You can find us in Geneva, Switzerland (home of good cheese and chocolate), but we can collaborate no matter where you are, we’re pretty keen on travel and long-distance relationships.

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Transmii Team

Baptiste Milesi

Baptiste Milesi

CEO & Art director

Tammara Leites

Tammara Leites

CTO & Senior developer

Sébastien Beureux

Sébastien Beureux

Interaction developer